Cranka Crank 35mm Deep
Cranka Crank 35mm Deep
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Cranka Crank 35mm Deep

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Cranka Crank 35mm Deep

SIZE: 35mm  
WEIGHT: 3.4g
DEPTH: 1.6-2m
TYPE: Deep Crank
ACTION: Tight, Wide Action
BUOYANCY: Suspending in Brackish, Very Slow Float in Full Salt, Very Slow Sink in Full Fresh
HOOKS: Decoy

In summary, this is a long casting, suspending CRANK that comes in a wide range of colors that should be suitable for a wide range of fishing scenarios from clear to dirty water! It has been Australian designed and developed by the Cranka team. It has been designed to specifically target bream and trout but it is sure to fool plenty of other species along the way

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