Pro's Factory Football Jig 1/2oz
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Pro's Factory Football Jig 1/2oz

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Pro's Factory OP Football jig 1/2oz
The OP jig is the traditional football jig. Ideal for fishing around rock and wood, the football shaped head prevents the jig from rolling to one side, this prevents the jig from becoming wedged in-between rocks or tree limbs. The OP stands for 'One Point' and the OP gets its name from the unique point on the front of the head. This point is the first portion of the jig to hit bottom, and transfer the vibration. The sensitivity of the OP jig is much more like that of a tungsten jig because of this.

As with all Pro's Factory jigs, the skirt is premium quality and hand tied to properly secure it to the hook forever. You will not have to worry about a rubber band degrading and allowing the skirt to move. A premium quality Japanese #2/0 hook is strong enough that you'll never have to worry about bending it, while remaining needle sharp even after multiple fish catches. The fiber weed guard is hand glued into place, this ensures perfect alignment along the shank of the hook.

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