Ardent Smart Cull System

Ardent Smart Cull System

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No more markers or charts to lose or replace. No more reweighing or extra handling - stressing out the fish.

The Ardent SmartCull Pro Culling System is the first-of-its-kind and what every tournament angler has been waiting for.

The two-stage system in the Ardent Smart Cull allows you to cull by color and weight, making culling quick and simple for once. A series of six highly buoyant, impact resistant balls equipped with a durable clip and cable keep things manageable. Each culling ball is a different colour for quick selection and also features large, although smart cull balls display pound simply use the numbers a the measurement of the fish example 27 means 27cm etc... The Ardent Smart Cull 6 is compatible with live-well additives and saltwater, ready to go when the tournament's on.

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