Daiwa J-Thread Finesse FC Spinning

Daiwa J-Thread Finesse FC Spinning

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Daiwa J-Thread Finesse FC Spinning 

The search for the ultimate finesse fluorocarbon is over with the arrival of J-Thread Finesse FC. Made in Japan and available in 3-6lb, J-Thread Finesse FC is destined to become a must-have for light tackle anglers. J-Thread finesse features Daiwa’s DPLS parallel spooling method to ensure ultra-low memory and maximum casting performance.

To get the most out of every spool of J-Thread Finesse every spool is marked with a sticker exactly halfway through the spool, giving anglers the perfect 100m length and allowing two reels to be spooled from a single roll of J-Thread Finesse. Anglers wanting a premium straight-through fluorocarbon for ultralight bream or trout fishing look no further than the brand-new J-Thread Finesse.

Made in Japan

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