Sunline Cast Away PE Braid

Sunline Cast Away PE Braid

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Sunline Cast Away PE Braid

- It is a 8 stands braided fishing line that can be applied to shore fishing, off shore fishing and all kinds of fishing.
- It is 8 strands braided line of high grade PE and high weight Polyester.
- Due to smoothness realized by a special coating process, friction with guide decreases and more sophisticated line system can be reached.
- Due to the special composite braiding that combines moderate resistance and high strength, troubles with guide drop greatly and better casting, longer durability and stronger resistance to friction are realized.
- With its medium sinking weight design(1.05), it is difficult in being influenced by wind or tide. And it becomes easier to realize subtle line operation and to operate the line in a perfect track.
- Pearl blue color is utilized which is very good in visibility both day and night.

Length: 150m Spool

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