Sunline NEW Siglon PE ADV(×8)

Sunline NEW Siglon PE ADV(×8)

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●New and special manufacturing technology from Sunline, which input sound resin to inner part of the line.
●Highly developed smoothness brings more cast ability and duration.

SIGLON PE advanced to the next stage by the newsest processing.

Let us explain in detail 'How is ADV different' from conventional SIGLON PE.

【About the water repellency】

We compared water repellency between SIGLON PE X8 and SIGLON PE ADV.

When we put a water drop on SIGLON PE X8, the drop soaks into the line same

as normal PE lines.

However, SIGLON PE ADV shows an excellent water repellency due to a special

resin that penetrates deep into the fiber.

This technology is the first in the industry, and we named it 'DRT' which stands

for 'Deep Resin Technology'.

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