Tempt Powder Paint

Tempt Powder Paint

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Tempt Industries offer a comprehensive range of high quality powder paints designed to powder coat your fishing jig-heads, it provides a simple method for customising jig-heads with a high quality gloss coating which only requires a single coat.

The powder paint range offers an expansive of colours that best suit the Australian conditions giving you the flexibility to custom match your jig-head to your favourite soft plastic colours. Also available are a range of UV colours including a clear coat that can be applied over the top of any colour, giving an intense UV glow.

Tempt Powder Paint is easily applied, simply heat you jig-head with a heat source for a few seconds, immediately dip into the powder paint and the powder should melt onto the jig-head forming a glossy even finish. Available in a 60g NET jar or bulk orders on request. More colours are being added to the range

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