Cranka Vibe 40 - Lure Review

Cranka Vibe 40

The Cranka Vibe is one of many great lures that the Cranka team have produced over hours upon hours of testing. This slow sinking, finesse style vibe is 40mm long and weighs 3.6 grams. The Cranka boys have recently expanded the colour range of this vibe to 20 awesome colours that suit a wide array of fishing situations. This vibe has an enticing, tight shimmy which perfectly mimics a wounded baitfish or a crustacean skittering along a rockwall, "Black Flame" is a perfect imitation of a mussel The characteristics of this vibe make it an awesome vibe for the price tag of $15.95 and make it one of the best, if not best bang for your buck vibe on the market!

Tips and Techniques:
There are several ways to fish this vibe, but this lure is perfect for fishing slow water where there is not much flow. This is where this vibe will come into it's own, this vibe will have an enticing slow flutter as it sinks slowly to the bottom where as if you would use other similar blades or vibes on the market they will plummet to the bottom like a missile, which doesn't look natural and may spook the fish. Dion Bull and myself have found when fishing these vibes, due to their slow sinking characteristics the best way to fish these vibes is to cast out and let them sit them on the bottom for 3-5 seconds and then a slow lift and repeat. Obviously these things vary depending on what the fish want, sometimes they'll want it to sit for longer than 5 seconds, although I think dead sticking is the key. This isn't to say a slow lift is the only way to fish these vibes, you can also fish them with two quick hops and all the other techniques often associated with vibe or blades fishing. As with all types of this fishing it is also important to watch your line for any movement or "ticks", this means a fish has picked it up and grabbed it or has bumped the lure. Being a bottom-dwelling lure, by-catch is often expected, fish such as Whiting and Flathead will also smash these vibes!

Lure: Cranka Vibe 40
Length: 40mm
Weight: 3.6 grams
Type: Sinking

Cranka Vibe 40

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