Jackall Chubby 38F Deep and Shallow - Lure Review

Jackall Chubby 38F Deep and Shallow

Introduction: Straight out of the packet, the Jackall Chubby is an awesome straight swimming lure. Some modifications can be done to increase longevity and hook up rates. Upgrading both trebles on the lure can increase your hook up rates which can be the difference between winning and losing in a competition situation. Changing to a harder gauge treble (eg. Decoy Y-S25, Owner ST36C) or smaller size (size 14) makes very little difference to the Chubby's action but can change a stock standard lure to a go to lure in your tackle box.

Technique: Slow rolling is often the best technique when using a Jackall Chubby as it allows for a rhythmic action and with a combination of the two ball bearings inside, create an irresistible rattle that attracts feasting predators. Slow rolling can often be combined with a slight pause thus giving a pursuing or shy fish time to attack, as it would at stationary baitfish.

Jackall Chubby 38F Deep and Shallow
Length: 38mm
Weight: 4.0g Shallow, 4.3g Deep

Jackall Chubby 38F

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